As a Business Person, Consider Selling Wholesale Hair

As a Business Person, Consider Selling Wholesale Hair

Selling wholesale hair is one of the most profitable business ventures a smart business person can delve into. The profitability results from the hair industry being one of the largest industries in the world today.

Hair is a popular attraction for social media influencers who practically occupy every nook and cranny online, promoting various hair accessories.

This industry deserves all the attention it gets for a good reason.

For instance, the global haircare market was estimated to be worth approximately 88 billion US Dollars as of 2015. The worth should increase to about 105 Billion US Dollars by 2025.

Why Should You Sell Hair?

A smart business person would want to tap into this profitable industry and make good money selling hair products.

The industry is very profitable, as hair has become more appreciated as a form of art and self-expression worldwide.

Look at it this way, haven't you seen hair gurus making plenty of money styling celebrities' hair for red carpet events? What follows soon after?

If you are keen on following many trends, this is your "aha moment."

Simply put, celebrities start hair trends on social media or from red carpet events, and people scramble to lay their hands on them. Online stores sell out wigs or extensions that resemble the celebrities' hair within minutes, gaining massive profits.

What Do You Stand to Gain When Selling Wholesale Hair?

As a business person, understand that trends come in handy to boost sales of particular items.

You can make decent money selling wholesale hair from a brick-and-mortar business location or online stores. Your business can import hairpieces in bulk and distribute them to stores, or you can sell them as a retailer.

Technology has also made things easier- you can buy machinery and raw materials to custom-make hair extensions, wigs, and weaves for customers.

Your business can be an authoritative figure in the hair industry with an attractive website, a good marketing strategy and solid customer support.

Manufacturing wigs, especially for a beginner, may seem out of reach for now.

For a start, where do you begin?

How Do You Start Selling Wholesale Hair?

To start selling wholesale hair, you need to have a passion for hair. Know your craft well so that you can convince customers to buy hair from your business.

A customer will need some convincing about the most suitable hair that will provide value for their money.

Then, have the determination to steer your business to greater levels. Be creative to solve customer problems whenever they occur.

For instance, if you notice that more people are shifting to a particular hairstyle unavailable in the immediate market, try to be among the first people to avail it.

You can do this by drop shipping hairpieces, where you buy hair from a trusted third party and ship it directly to clients. Clients love the convenience and don't like the hassle of shopping for items they are unsure are suited for them.

So, when you jump in to help them shop for the right hair, you could earn a referral or two, gradually growing your business.

Finally, deliver value to your clients.

Your customers are your most valuable assets, so handle them well. Promptly respond to their questions, advise them on the best hair to buy, and sell quality hair at fair prices.

And be honest, for Pete's sake! No customer would want you to convince them to buy cheap hair bundles at high prices, only to get home and be disappointed.

Poor customer treatment guarantees that your hair business is bound to fail soon, no matter how hard you work to establish it.


Selling hair is one of the most profitable businesses right now. As a smart business person, quickly take advantage of this knowledge to be one of the hair industry's industry leaders.

Be determined, know your craft well, and deliver value to your customers for your business to succeed.