Alternative to natural grass – Synthetic turf

Alternative to natural grass – Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf is the best alternative to natural grass, as the growth of natural grass requires much hard work. To make the natural lush green lawn, fertilizers, proper watering, mowing, and cutting of bushes are necessary. This involves a lot of hard work and free time to manage it. To overcome this problem and to save time and energy, CCGrass came up with an innovation of synthetic turf. These turfs are not natural grass but look like lush green grass. It doesn’t require any mower, watering, or fertilizer for its growth.

Why use synthetic turf:

Here are some of the reasons discussed for the use of synthetic turfs. The first reason among all is that artificial turf remains green forever even if it is not adequately watered and fertilizer is given to it, as the natural grass turns brown in autumn and doesn’t look good. But the synthetic turf remains the same. Moreover, the artificial turf looks like natural grass with soft edges and string tips.

The second reason for using synthetic turf is that it is cost-effective. As mentioned earlier, natural grass requires fertilizers, watering, and heavy maintenance. At the same time, artificial turfs require water once or twice a month. The mower is a much more difficult job for the proper growth of natural grass. Whereas synthetic turfs require grass cleaning once a month, it could be done when it is watered. Artificial turfs also do not require heavy maintenance; however, they can be used for heavy and rigid routines.

The third reason to buy and use synthetic turf is that it requires easy installation and low maintenance. Installing the artificial turf is much easier as the work can be done simply with the help of 1-2 laborers.

The fourth reason is that natural grass has different categories, and each type grows in a specific area. But, in artificial grass, it is not so. It can be installed at any place, and it does not harm children and pets as well.

The fifth reason is that pets feel calm and relieve themselves in the grass. The artificial turf is soft and feels like natural grass, so it is considered heaven for pets.

The sixth reason to buy and install synthetic turf is that it is allergen-free. People who get allergic to natural grass in specific seasons can get rid of it using artificial turfs.

The seventh reason is that it is flame resistant and is much safer than natural grass. As the natural grass gets dry, any flammability can cause harm to houses. But synthetic turfs never get dry, so there is no chance of flammability. Finally, artificial turfs are more durable than natural grass and eco-friendly.


The eight reasons mentioned earlier conclude that natural grass requires much hard work and cost. But pay off less. Whereas synthetic turfs are more common and are suitable for daily use. All in all synthetic turf can prove to be beneficial for you if you have a home as well as a commercial area.