Alibaba v/s AliExpress – Which One is best for Dropshipping?

Alibaba v/s AliExpress – Which One is best for Dropshipping?

Do you want to know about the best platform for dropshipping? Do you heard about sourcing Alibaba and Ali Express but don't know which is the best for you?

Don't search further. We are here to tell you the difference between them, and you can decide which retailers are good for you.

You can import products to your website using the dropshipping providers offered on both websites—a few vendors drop ship products on Alibaba that are priced per piece and some on Ali Express. Unfortunately, not all sellers offer this option.

Let's talk about the definitions of both to understand;

Describe Alibaba

Alibaba is an online E-commerce platform used for sellers as suppliers to sell their products without their physical involvement. There are thousands of sellers gaining an advantage from these best retailers. Alibaba is a good place for manufacturers to look for components and materials for production.

Features of Alibaba

You send a request for quotes for a purchase. You would choose the supplier to work with after suppliers submit sections as a bid on it. The features of the best online retailers are very innovative for selling products;

  • A CRM tool to assist in order coordination
  • Feature for tracking orders
  • Background check for suppliers
  • An answering machine

Ali Express

One of the largest online marketplaces in the world is AliExpress. It was introduced in 2010 and allowed customers worldwide to purchase items directly from Chinese producers and wholesalers.

Features of Ali Express

The features of Ali Express are given below;

  • Case resolution
  • A location where you can search for coupons
  • A messaging hub where you can keep track of correspondence with suppliers and vendors
  • Thorough reporting

Alibaba v/s Ali Express; Payment options

The payment methods of both platforms are a little bit different. Unlike Alibaba, which is best in global wholesale markets, AliExpress offers payment options for transferring more significant amounts of money. The payment methods of Ali Express, such as credit and debit card payments and debit service, are standard.

Smaller sellers with a small business and a small number of products requiring immediate access to funds to sustain cash flow may find it challenging due to Alibaba's payment options. In this situation, selling more minor, more good things separately on AliExpress might be preferable.

You can choose the best payment method according to your business setup and scale.

Alibaba v/s Ali press; Customization

Alibaba is a superior option for online shops looking to buy private-label or customized products. You may quickly request modifications like imprinting your brand name or emblem on products—at reasonable pricing because you always buy directly from manufacturers and distributors.

On the other hand, AliExpress often only provides pre-made, non-customizable products because it is intended for consumers.

For customized products, you can select Alibaba and for non-customized products, Ali Express is best in this way.


You must consider the differences between Alibaba and AliExpress if you intend to build your online business on an Alibaba Group platform. Both have substantial benefits for merchants, but which one you choose depends on the demands of your particular company.